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Pureskin aims at researching effective without irritation, no harm and additives herbal medicines to improve the skin problem.

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Pureskin is dedicated to researching homeopathic herbal formulations that are gentle, free fromirritation and harmful additives, aiming to enhance overall skin well-being.

Our Product

Seborrheic Dermatitis & Eczema Face Cream

Relief of skin itching, irritation, redness, flaking and scaling associated with seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, folliculitis, or psoriasis.

Tinea Versicolor Treatment

Helps relieve the itching, burning, discoloration, irritation, and discomfort with athletes foot, ringworm for humans, tinea versicolor and fungal infections.

Tea Tree Oil cleansing Soap Seborrheic Dermatitis

It provides natural relief and protection from fungal issues, thanks to its distinctive fusion of Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil. 


It helps reduce discoloration and thickness, while hydrating and exfoliating brittle nails.


fungus nail treatment

It contains concentrated botanical ingredients, which can quickly and painlessly remove skin tags and effectively inhibit skin tags from growing again.

Fast & Effective

It can strongly suppress the fungi and bacterias such as staphylococcus aureu, candida albicans, yeast and so on, helping kill the fungi of the nails.

Classic Formulation

This product is made of classic formula which has over 30-year history. It is carefully made of plant extracts and enjoy great recognition among our customers.

Product review

Pureskin product were used by 10,000 people and many people are satisfied with our product.

K. Larson

I have struggled with a fungal toe nail for years. I can already see improvement in the nail. It looks healthier, and the surface seems smoother to have some fun with color polish….

Bought as a gift for my husband - he really liked that it came with the nail file & it seems to penetrate better. He's used it once so far, but we hope to update our review with great results! Trying to get ready for flip flop weather!
“I’ve been using this for a little over a year now. It would be quicker for me but I only use it once a day after I shower. I’m so excited to be able to not wear nail polish! Taking collagen has seemed to speed up the growing process of my nails as well. Yay!!”
“I’ve used this for a few days now and can see a considerable difference. It does have a slight smell but works well. Make sure to file the top of your nail lightly before applying as this helps nail absorb medicine. Thank you so much!”
Lisa Perales

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